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What's on your Yacht Punch List?

Do what you do best and let us take care of the rest...

From the very beginning of your vessel's design to the finishing touches. 

Design, templates, measurements, photos, sample matching,  installation, staging,​ courier, 

custom linens, new vessel delivery packages & sew much more! 

We are a professional representation of your brand,  design/management company or personal yacht.
Educated, experienced, licensed and insured.
Always on time, if not early, because we're  Veteran owned and operated...


Almost anything task related can be urgent under the wrong circumstances.  

A simple delivery can make or break your day's schedule. 

Last minute bookings are often available, 

you never know unless you ask. 

For larger items please plan ahead.


Templating and Measurements

This is where it all starts.  

Custom templates and proper measurements are crucial to your design.  

Right angles? There are very few!  This is why a physical copy of templates can make design work easier for you and your workroom.

Taking measurements and communicating this information effectively is the foundation of what we do. 

Sample matching photos

Photos o​f your selections on board insure both yours and your client's vision.  

Are the lights on board warm or cool? 

What were they when your client made that leather upholstery or it's coordinating fabric selection? 

You've put a lot of work into getting every detail just right.

A picture is worth a thousand words!


Staging and Installation


The job is almost complete.  

Your client's goods have arrived and now the installation process can begin.

Tell us how you want it staged and leave the execution of that to us! 

Staging temporarily for an event such as a boat show or photoshoot? 

Rental rates are available to enhance your image without emptying  your budget.

Custom Soft Goods

Anything sewn can be made custom in any color, size or material Monogramming and embroidery are an excellent way to personalize things,   

You are only limited by your own creativity, the sky is the limit!

With connections in the industry we have access to any brand, thread count, or fabric you desire. 

Almost every new boat will need:

 Bedding- linens, shams, pillow cases  Bed Roll- much like a sleeping bag but custom durability for your sport boat  

Pillows and towels both interior and exterior

All custom items are made locally 

A typical 4-6 week lead time for custom orders.

New Boat Delivery

At the end of a long sales cycle, the vessel is finally ready for the new owner to take delivery. Or is it?

Brand loyalty is built every step of the way and delivery day should be no different.  

Packages are designed to fit the vessel and the owner, lets make it a personal experience  

Gifts from the broker, framed photos commemorating the day or even a vessel blessing. Catered lunch with the client's preferred beverage such as a champagne or a favorite craft beer. 

Your client has been dreaming about this day, exceed their expectations!


What our customers are saying...

Yacht Punch List has recommended m​e for jobs and now I'm happy to return the favor.  

She has saved me valuable hours by providing her service!

Toni- Custom Yacht Fashions 

Elizabeth took care of our client's custom 150' yacht right before the Miami boat show.  

All the client's personal effects were removed, the boat was restaged  and ready for a photoshoot in a mere few days! 

The clients actually decided not to sell and purchased all of the staged items!   Thank you Elizabeth for keeping our clients happy! 

Steve Mosher- Luxury Yacht Group​

I've been using Yacht Punch List for templates and courier services, and b ooking is so easy.  

This way of doing business saves me time being away from my office and I get much more done!

Dana- Yacht Décor

Yacht Punch List was recommended to me from a vendor I use.   I have them on hand for Auto CAD, courier, installation services.  

Centrally located off 17th St in Fort Lauderdale, they are closer to my Fort Lauderdale jobs than I am, all the way down in Miami.  Totally capable and great to work with, there's no hand-holding.   Complete understanding of what I needed from the very first discussion.

Amber- Interior Designer

Yacht Punch List is a great idea! Templates, measurements, staging and installations, I can't believe no one else thought of this! 

Rosemary Romero- Lin Rose Custom


Direct to Consumer

You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul, but you need a little help?


​Businesses helping each other to fill the gaps in service so the client experience is flawless... 

An integral cog to the yacht's design progress

Service Areas

Located in the heart of the yacht capital of the United States:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Serving Broward,  Dade, Palm Beach &  Monroe Counties



Call: 954-656-2555

So, what's on your Yacht Punch List?


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