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Staging and Installation


The job is almost complete.  

Your client's goods have arrived and now the installation process can begin.

Tell us how you want it staged and leave the execution of that to us! 

Staging temporarily for an event such as a boat show or photoshoot? 

Rental rates are available to enhance your image without emptying  your budget.


call or emailing for a complete staging quote (this includes trip fee within Broward)

Custom Soft Goods

Anything sewn can be made custom in any color, size or material Monogramming and embroidery are an excellent way to personalize things,   

You are only limited by your own creativity, the sky is the limit!

With connections in the industry we have access to many brands, thread count, or fabric you desire. 

Almost every new boat will need:

 Bedding- linens, shams, pillow cases 

Pillows and towels both interior and exterior

All custom items are made locally 

A typical 4-6 week lead time for custom orders.

* A custom (2) Queens & (2) Twin berths 

start at $5000

New Boat Delivery

Brand loyalty is built every step of the way and delivery day should be no different. At the end of a long sales cycle, the vessel is finally ready for the new owner to take delivery. Or is it?

Our packages are designed to fit the vessel and the owner, lets make it a personal experience  

Cooler Gifts include a backpack cooler, customized leather binder, insulated tumblers, sea worthy snacks, champagne and flutes.  As well as mother of pearl framed photos to commemorate the day. How about a catered lunch with the client's preferred beverage? 

Your client has been dreaming about this day, exceed their expectations!

Packages start at $375

Templating and Measurements

   Custom templates and proper measurements are crucial to your yacht's beautiful new design.  Berths should be free of bedding for the most accurate templates.

Right angles? There are very few!  

Taking measurements and information  and effectively communicating this information to you, 

this is the foundation of what we do.



$50/berth (includes template paper and trip fee within Broward County) 

MEASUREMENTS -  $40  via text/invoice with picture  

Courier & Trip Fees

We'll take those template​s directly to your workroom for you.  Stop and pick up fabric or something else on the way? Almost anything task related can be urgent under the wrong circumstances.  Don't let the necessary details fall through the cracks or even a day behind.  Don't let a  simple delivery  make or break your day's schedule.


BROWARD - $25-50

DADE - $75-150

PALM BEACH- $75-150

MONROE- $200- 500



You've put a lot of work into getting every detail right. Photos of samples or selections on board insure both yours and your client's vision.  Are the lights on board warm or cool? What were they when your client made that leather upholstery selection? 

We also take photos of your completed work for your social media marketing.  Highlight your efforts, a  picture is worth a thousand words!


$40/set  (this includes trip fee within Broward)

Additional Fees

A FEE of $100* will be assessed for each condition that is met:

 Job is cancelled under 24 hours

Items to be delivered/installed are not completed/ready for pick up,

Vessel is not in condition to receive items- for example- if cabins are not clear for templating and if the beds need to be remade) 

Job continues to additional unplanned days. 

*Additional fees may include specific cost related to the job (ferry tickets, supplies, perishables etc)

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