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Born out of necessity specifically for the yacht community

The yachting industry has many specific needs.

This company was build to meet those needs and exceed expectations while doing it.


Direct to customers or B2B, we help keep the job moving by filling in on task jobs that would otherwise cost you valuable time and money.

As a veteran owned business, our approach to getting things done is: to be early is to be on time, always systematic, thorough and efficient.


Trained to be the best

Serving in the Us Army has trained me, prepared me and pushed me, beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Basic training was all about being on-time, if not early, following orders, dress-right dress, maintaining a professional appearance and of course- hospital corners on your bed with a cover so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it.. 

As a satellite technician in the Signal Corps at Fort Gordon, GA, my unit trained all lieutenants to operate and maintain equipment vital for combat communication.  We tested new  systems, collected necessary data and conveyed it clearly to the end user, the US government.   Calculating the direction and orientation of the satellites requires detailed measurements and the ability to translate that information into quantifiable results.  

Being chosen for Ceremonial Detachment was my highest honor.   

We performed all military ceremonies, but most important to me were the military funerals.  

Parade ready uniforms, mirror-like boots, white glove precise movements. 

Executing the mission as though it were my own...

This is the attention to detail Yacht Punch List brings to your job.  

Thanks to my service, I had the opportunity to receive a Bachelors of Science in Psychology & Sociology  from UMass Dartmouth as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute.  Awarded for the top portfolio of my graduating class. Interning at a library for a 70k sf showroom gave me a deeper education about the top brands in interior design.  This is combined with now years of these vendor relationships.  

I grew up a seamstresses daughter under her mother's cutting room table,  A childhood of fabric, humming machines  and a sewing scar gives me first-hand knowledge of how to sew the designs I come up with.  

Learning to sail at the age of 8 in Hyannis, MA allowed me to earn a scholarship to the Hyannis Yacht Club at 13. 

Racing 420's in high school was fun but Figawi on Nantucket was where the real sailing was.

I learned a few valuable lessons that first summer" 

"Sailing is like flying and sleeping on a boat is like being rocked by mother nature"    

This is the life long passion and understanding Yacht Punch List brings to your job.  



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